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Inspiring Instagram accounts, January 2020

Good morning and happy 2020! Was anyone else feeling burned out by their social media feed by the end of 2019? I was feeling it real hard and took a weeklong hiatus over the Christmas holiday- it was glorious. Instagram is my chosen social media and while I love it, it can quickly bog you down with the comparison game, the overwhelming amount of content to consume, and the desire to figure out the algorithm.

This post was born from a conversation with a friend who has a much healthier attitude about her feed that I’m looking to adopt in 2020. She views her Instagram feed as something that should bring her joy; she cuts out (or mutes, a helpful function I started to use in 2019) negative friends and focuses on aspirational & inspiring accounts to motivate and excite her.

With that in mind, I present a selection of 10 inspiring Instagram accounts from my own feed:

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