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Survived 2020 holiday ornament for christmas tree
2020 christmas ornament by exit343design
holiday ornament gift tag
I Survived 2020 Christmas ornament, cheeky pandemic holiday ornament

I Survived 2020 Christmas ornament, cheeky pandemic holiday ornament

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Well, we barely made it, but it happened: we survived 2020. This cheeky Christmas ornament is a sarcastic tribute to the dumpster-fire known as 2020. Hang it on your tree and never forget!

  • GRAPHIC: An illustration of a wreath with a banner over top that says "Survived 2020" on the banner.
  • GRAPHIC COLORS:  white and two shades of green. 
  • MATERIAL: clear acrylic
  • SIZE: 3.5" round and 1/8" thick
  • PERFECT FOR: an easy stocking stuffer, a gift to send in the mail, funny gift for a friend, Pollyanna gift, Christmas gift for a coworker, holiday gift for a teacher
  • Each ornament comes with a string for hanging and an attached gift tag for easy gifting- see 3rd & 4th photo for example.

Please note:  the saturation of the colors might vary slightly from your computer screen to the item itself.

*Please note: this ornament design is not meant to make light of the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Rather, it was created with the intention to hopefully make others chuckle during these dark times; humor always helps me cope, perhaps it can do the same for others.

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