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professional cat tamer sticker by exit343design
cat lover sticker, gift for cat lover, purple cat sticker

cat lover vinyl sticker, professional cat tamer, sticker for cat owner

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Stickers are a colorful and economical way to own and display artwork! These durable vinyl stickers are strong enough to last on a car, water bottle, bike, helmet or anything you'd like to customize. 

This listing is for the "Professional Cat Tamer" design. It features an original illustration of a variety of cats on a light purple background. It features cats of all shapes and sizes and color patterns. The text in the middle says "Professional Cat Tamer; large, small, short, or tall: I'll befriend them all." This colorful sticker is perfect for the cat lover who makes friends with every kitty they encounter . . . or at least tries to! 

This first playful purple sticker is a square 4" high by 4" wide.

5% of every sticker sold will be donated to Philly PAWS, a local non-profit dedicated to making Philadelphia a "no-kill" city. Don't need a sticker, but still want to donate? You can do that right here.

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