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Screenprinted tote bags by exit343design. Each tote bag is 100% cotton and is sized approx. 14" x 14". The graphic is printed with waterbased ink. Every tote comes with a coordinating 1.5" round graphic button that's assembled by hand in Pennsylvania.
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pretzel tote bag, philly pretzel tote bag by exit343design
pretzel tote bag soft pretzel tote
Regular price $14.00
clean plate club tote bag by exit343design
foodie gift, funny tote bag, clean plate club
Regular price $14.00
philadelphia tote bag, phonetic spelling of philadelphia by exit343design
Philadelphia Pennsylvania silkscreen tote bag, liberty bell
Regular price $14.00
Manayunk Pennsylvania Philadelphia tote bag
Regular price $14.00
Lancaster, Pennsylvania tote bag folk art
Regular price $14.00
things to do in Philadelphia tote bag by exit343design
Philadelphia silkscreen, tote bag foodie tote
Regular price $14.00
seattle tote bag, gift idea for a Seattle foodie by exit343design
Seattle tote bag, foodie tote, Seattle gift
Regular price $14.00
Chicago tote bag, foodie tote, Chicago gift
Regular price $14.00
chicago tote bag, modified Wrigley Field tote bag by exit343design
Chicago tote bag, Wrigley Field sign, Chicago gift
Regular price $14.00
Philadelphia skyline tote bag by exit343design
Philadelphia skyline tote bag, philadelphia souvenir, philly gift
Regular price $14.00
y'all tote bag by exit343design, printed in the USA
Y'all tote bag, southern saying Y'all
Regular price $14.00
hall and oates tribute tote bag by exit343design
Hall and Oates bag, tote bag, I can't go for that gift
Regular price $14.00
reusable Halloween trick or treat tote bag by exit343design
Halloween bag, trick or treat bag, Halloween ghosts
Regular price $14.00
Bucks County tote bag by exit343design, Doylestown tote bag
Bucks County Pennsylvania tote bag, Pennsylvania gift, Doylestown, New Hope
Regular price $14.00
New York City tote bag by exit343design
New York City tote bag, foodie tote, NYC gift, the big apple
Regular price $14.00
Asbury Park, New Jersey beach tote bag by exit343design
Asbury Park New Jersey silkscreen tote bag
Regular price $14.00

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