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cardinal bird print modern pennsylvania dutch hex sign art

cardinal art print, bird Lancaster hex sign art print, backyard bird art print

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Back in the early days of COVID quarantine, I began to pursue an interest I had held for a long time: Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs. I fell down a rabbit-hole of research into what is known as Fraktur art and fell even more in love with the simple, stylized flora and fauna drawn up by the PA Dutch in the 1700 & 1800's.

I started experimenting with my own modern take on the historic design style. Many traditional Fraktur feature birds (distelfink, a folk interpretation of the European goldfinch); I thought it would be cool to fuse my fascination with Pennsylvania's common backyard birds and Fraktur design. I started with my very favorite bright red friend, one of the first visitors to my own backyard feeder: Mister Cardinal. Little did I know that this design would ignite the spark of an entirely new design direction for exit343design!
This print is one in a series of 5 art prints celebrating Pennsylvania's common backyard birds and PA Dutch hex sign art! It is also my first titled and editioned print series in about a decade.

  • TITLE OF PRINT: "Mister Cardinal"
  • GRAPHIC: A modern take on Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign featuring a symmetrical pair of cardinals.
  • INK COLOR(S): 5 colors; bright red, dark red, royal blue, golden yellow, green
  • DIMENSIONS: 12" x 12"
  • PAPER COLOR: Bright White
  • EDITION SIZE: 1st edition of 38.
This art print is a standard frame size. That means it does not require a matte to frame it! The print shown in the photo is mounted on cardboard for display purposes only; the print is not shipped to customer mounted on cardboard.

Need help visualizing the size of the print in your space? Use this handy tool right here!

Note: this is a screenprinted product. Please allow for slight variations. Also note that the saturation of the colors might vary slightly from your computer screen to the item itself. Proudly printed by hand in Pennsylvania.

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