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sympathy card, it's okay to be sad

sympathy card, it's okay to be sad

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one in a line of six original sympathy cards. often times it's hard to find the right words to say to a friend or loved one during a difficult time. my hope is that one of these cards will help you to help another get through a difficult time.

the text on this card reads "YOU KNOW WHAT? THINGS SUCK RIGHT NOW & IT'S OKAY TO BE SAD." it features a small heart underneath the text. the words "IT'S OKAY TO BE SAD" is in bold. it's printed in a deep rust/red color on French Paper's Kraft-Tone Chipboard Kraft is sized 4" x 5.5"  and comes with a white envelope. it is blank inside for your personal message. *please note that each card features a rolled white ink pattern that makes each and every card unique and one-of-a-kind.*

Note: this is a screenprinted product. Please allow for slight variations. Also note that the saturation of the colors might vary slightly from your computer screen to the item itself.

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