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custom wedding paper: Nick & Stephanie's summer camp wedding, DETAILS EDITION

It’s here- the post I’ve had rolling around in my head for months. Last week, I posted about our custom wedding invitations that were screen-printed zines that opened in to posters. Whew. Did you miss that? You can go back to read it right here.

While that felt like an incredible feat at the time, the thing(s) I’m even more proud of are all the day-of details! I should start by saying that NONE of this would have been possible to accomplish without the help of our AMAZING wedding party & families who stuffed tote bags, stuck hearts in the ground, hung banners, set tables, and sweat buckets along with us the Friday before the big day. Also big ups to the Dons at our venue Appel Farm Arts Camp for hauling chairs and cleaning up behind us while we worked.

If you haven’t gathered by now, we “rebranded” a summer camp to become Camp Say-I-Do for the weekend. Having a summer camp wedding is so so fun on the actual day, but it takes wedding planning to a whole new level. You know how a traditional wedding venue has a coordinator on site and other amenities for couples? Well, picture a blank slate and that’s what a summer camp wedding is! But honestly, we wanted to be able to customize the whole experience, so it was perfect for us. Not sure if you’re equipped to handle a DIY wedding? I wrote a blog post about my experience with plenty of practical tips- check it out here!

Anyhow, this blog post is dedicated to all the day-of details for Camp Say-I-Do, our summer camp wedding in New Jersey. I’ll add explanations where needed and shout-out some of our awesome vendors as well! As a designer, I treated our wedding like I was my own client. So, what I’m saying is that I CAN DO COOL STUFF FOR YOUR WEDDING OR EVENT TOO! Drop me a line and let’s get the ball rolling!

Also, before I get lost in the details, I need to state that all of our amazing photos are courtesy of Pete from Two17 Photo + Video, who in my opinion is the best in the biz. Thanks for all your help, Pete!

The end! Do you need help with creative personalization for your wedding or event? I’d love to help you! Drop me a line to start the conversation!

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